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29.09.2005, 14:48

NEWS 34 - CHINA -Kashgar - New Photos

Dear friends,



Anja told already about our crazy tour from Tajikistan to China so I will tell a little bit about our first impressions here.
We are in Kashgar (200.000 inhabitants) in the Northwest of China in the province of Xinjiang at the moment. It is a very interesting city with very mixed culture. We can still see a lot of people on the street with the typical hats from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan. But there are also a different folk called Uyghur which have a Turkic language with Arabic letters. So all
over the city all things are written in Chinese symbols or Arabic letters. That does not help anything us at all.
The first evening we went to the restaurant and got the Menu in Chinese and Arabic. So we showed at the dishes at the neighbouring tables. Eating with the chopsticks was no problem for us. The meals were excellent, very spicy and delicious. Otherwise, we can also find a lot of meals from our travel in Central Asia, because so many people from the other countries live here.
Kashgar itselfs is a wonderful city. We like it very much. The old part of the city is amazing. Sometimes you feel like in the last century. The houses are made of clay and you can see a lot of old professions on the street like: pottery, blacksmith and lathe operator. I am enjoying very much the barber...Why do we not have this professian in Germany anymore??
In one cafe we also spoke Russian, because the owner knew the language. But we are very surprised how many people can speak English. Almost everywhere someone can talk.
At our first day here we went to the train station to buy ticket to our next point Urumqi. Nobody there spoke English. So we wrote down the Chinese symbols. After some confussion and problems we finally got our tickets and we were very happy. China is famous for all the times crowded trains and at the 1st of October is national holiday and there will be holidays for one week.
Because of this holiday the city is nice decorated. One evening at the "peoples' square" under the monument of Mao we saw the final training for the event. Very nice and very well organised. We made some pictures with the tradional clothes.
The newer part of the city is very modern and the supermarkets are offering a lot of things. Coming from Kyrgyzstan this is very strange, because 200km away they have problems to find something to eat and here you can find even more product than in Europe - very strange and difficult to understand.
Today we rented bicycles and went a little bit outside of the city to a very nice Tomb and mosque. Often we heard that China does not preserves the historical things and things related to religions. What we saw here in Kashgar is totally different. They are also building new things here in the city but are trying to adapt to the original Uyghur structure. We like this.

Tomorrow we will go to Urumqi by train. It takes 25 hours and goes along a big desert. From Urumqi we want to go to the mountains.

I am happy that we are in China now and that I can see this country everybody speaks about. Our first impressions are very good, but let's see.

If you want to know something about China just ask, we will try to answer.


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