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20.11.2005, 11:30

NEWS 42 - 430km/h... Shanghai, Nantong WEG factory

Did you ever go by 430km/h on earth??? We did it in the Transrapid Magnetic Train (MagLev) here in Shanghai. I never expected it would be so amazing. It is really big fun. For the almost 40km the train takes 7 minutes...

Before Shanghai we visited our brazilian friends in the city of Nantong 150km northwest of Shanghai on the other side of the Yangtse-River. Our company we worked for in Brazil bought a factory there one year ago. So also some friends from Brazil are working here. We enjoyed our stay there very much.

WEI, IGOR, EDSON , PATRICIA : MUITO OBRIGADO PELA AJUDA E ALOJAMTENTO!!! (Thank you very much for the help and the accomandation)

Nantong is a relatively small city (700.000 inhabitants) and offers also some nice spots for visiting. In the center of the city are a lot of small channels. One night we did a nice boat ride. There you can find also some nice hills with some surpringly nice temples and monastries.
We played basketball and also went to a discothek. It was funny because the dance floor was moving and shaking...
The rest of the days we used to go by bike or just strolling around or also watching movies. Anja was happy because she could cook. In the hostels here in china normaly that is not possible.
Also the factory of our company was interesting to visit. I was surprised, the factory seems to be well organized. Of course there can be found some strange things. But our company already changed a lot.
So we stayed for a week in Nantong.

We got a lift to Shanghai and crossed the Yangtse-River by ferry boat. You can not imagine the amount of cargo-boats on the river. All the way along the streets it is impossible even to see one meter without houses or factories. That region of China has a economic increase of 15% per year. We missed any nature. I mean it is amazing to see all this high bildings and high technology but for the environment it is crazy. The pollution is very high.
So we arrived in Shanghai at friday night. We are staying with our friend Karin. (Thank you Karin for your help and the bed) She works as an architect here already almost two years. Yesterday we did the transrapid train ride. I never imagined that it is that fast. 430km/h and it was amazing. Only this is worth the visit. After it we went to the Jimmao-Tower (430m high). The last 30 floors of this biggest building in China (4th in the world) are a 5 star hotel with a kind of huge courtyard and the rooms around for 30 floors. Totally crazy.

Some nice stories also happened. In Nantong next to a temple I waited for Anja (she bought the tickets) and saw that a girl took a picture of me hidden. So I called her and we took officially a photo together...We finished the shooting and some other chinese people wanted to take a picture... So we did it...
Yesterday here in Shanghai I understood that also to be a man is not always easy. Passing in a shopping street you can see that a lot of girls are waiting for foreigners. They seem to be just normal young girls and they are trying to get in contact. All the time you are getting some hot offers...
Interesting all over China are the Massage Shop. Massage and also haircutter is a nice and cheap thing in China the problem is you never know which kind of service you are receiving. Prostitution is stricly forbidden in China , but you can find it at every corner in form of Massage studios and haircutters... In the beginning I thought that all hair cutters are cute and well dressed up to the moment I understood...

Now we are in china already almost 2 months and we have to extend our visa. We tried to do it in Nantong but we did not have a registration because we stayed with our friends.
Today we moved to a hostel for one night that we can do our extension tommorow hopefully because in the hotel we are registrated. We will see.

Have a nice day.

Anja and Soeren


05.12.2005, 13:59

@ Soeren

NEWS 42 - 430km/h... Shanghai, Nantong WEG factory

It's been a while since we wrote something on our page.....
First of all, yes, we got our Chinese visa extended in Shanghai without any problems.

We had a great time in Shanghai. So what did we do? We tried different food like Korean omeletts, Hot Pot again (a pot with boiling broth on your table where you cook meat, fish and vegetables in), our cooking at home and also Uyghur food again (accompanied with belly dancing). But the best thing was the Brazilian restaurant Latina. We enjoyed caipirinha, rodizio de carne and buffet just like in Brazil. It was soooo delicious that we ate way too much. But than, when will we have Brazilian food again?
Of course, we also did some sight-seeing. We went to the Shanghai Museum (Chinese Paintings, Coins, Bronzes, Minority cultures), walked around the Bund and in Pudong. We really liked the Yu Garden. Shanghai is a very modern city but you can always still find some old parts hidden inbetween. We also watched a performance of Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky but not as a ballet but as acrobatics at the Shanghai Grand Theater. It's just amazing how some people can twist their bodies..... And if someone happens to be in Shanghai over the X-mas holidays.... the Russian Ballet from the Bolshoi in Moscow will perform!!!!!! ;-)

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