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23.11.2005, 07:34

Your visit to Nantong

Dear Soeren and Anja;
It was great to see you again and in good shape. Thank you for visiting Nantong and for the chance to be with you again, even for a (too) short time. Unfortunately, my schedule prevented me from spending more time with you and to show you around. China is a great country and improving steadily as you are witnessing. Unfortunately there are a lot of mistaken perceptions about this country and sometimes we see people making wrong assumptions, as for example that friend of yours from Austria. Soeren made some good comments about...
Instead of making assumptions like internet control and others, they should come to China and see for themselves. I know China for more than 10 years and live here for almost one year now, without experiencing any problems. The average chinese are very friendly people and the most important thing is to understand and respect the local culture and tradition. This is even more important than speaking the language.
I wish you both a happy journey and hope that we meet again soon, wherever that might be...
Take care and keep in touch!!!


28.11.2005, 14:03

@ Michael

Your visit to Nantong

Hallo Michael,

we enjoyed our time in Nantong very much. Thank you very much for your help and the nice time, especially for the best lunch for 5 months in the Latina restaurant. That typical Brazilian Restaurant was very very good.
I think the work you and your team are doing in Nantong is not an easy task but seems to work. Parabens!

We arrived now in Yangshuo. Great Place! If you once have time you should visit. Amzaing scenery and nice chinese villages.

Hope to see you soon again.


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