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Bangkok Thailand,
05.02.2006, 12:27

News 50: Bangkok - Back to Germany on 16th of february!!!

Dear friends,

we booked our flights back to Germany for the day 15th of February and will arrive at day 16 in Frankfurt with GULF AIR. We also already arranged the traintickets to Dresden. With modern Internet technology everything is possible. We are looking forward to see Germany again...

So we are preparing our arrival to the civilization... Yesterday we went to a tailor and wanted to order one suit for me... In the end we bought also a second one for Anja... ;-) It is very cheap (70 EURO one handmade tailored suit) and we will be proud owners of handmade tailored suits Brand BOSS... ;-)

After two days of Bangkok we left the city to a smaller one called Ayutthaya with a lot of historical background. After tommorow we will go to some beaches more in the south.
We will be back in Bangkok at day 12 and prepare our departure with more shopping...

Anja and Soeren

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