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27.08.2005, 13:47

NEWS 27 - back from Pamir

Dear friends,

I am back from the Pamir Mountains and already met Anja here in Bischkek. We had some very nice weeks with a lot of adventures. The next days you can find a detailed report here. For now just a summarize:

Our orginal planned tour did not work out, because of very high water in a river we had to cross. So we went to Peak Lenin (7134m).
My two friends Angie and Lars reached the summit on 20th of July. I got really big problem with cold feets and returned at 6300m (I am still a Brazilian and I had problems with the cold). So it was a very sucessful trip because normally just 20% of the climbers reach the summit. At 21th of July we saved the life of one american climber, who stayed one night outside the camp of 6500m and then fall down the north face about 1000m. During the fall he got into an huge avalanche. We found his hat about 400m away from him... I mean, it was his second birthday. He was very lucky and just got some small frostbites and injuries at the hips. We transported him to the basecamp (from 5400m to 3600m). It was a good team work.

So I went back to Osh to meet him in the hosiptal and now I came to Bischkek yesterday to meet Anja. The next days I will put some photos from Anjas travel and also a report about the last weeks.

I think we will stay a week or so here in Bischkek and then travel to Tadjikistan. In the next week we will help in a social project for streetkids, where Anja already worked last week.

Hope to hear you soon.




08.09.2005, 23:47

@ Soeren

NEWS 27 - back from Pamir

Edmar Scarabello


09.09.2005, 00:43

@ Soeren

NEWS 27 - back from Pamir

Hello my dear friends,

it is just amazing reading your news about the trip! It is just like a book or movie. At least with both of you, I know it is for real!!! It is real life!!

I am also just so sorry Soeren is not stronger as a real german anymore...he became a normal human being now, feeling cold, etc.....!! That is the reason why we have caipirinha overhere...because of the winter....smiles..

Soeren, You are doing so good at the mountains! I feel proud because you have learnt so fast with me....smiles...

I also saw some pictures from Anja on the farm. Really beautifull!!!

okay, Just stopped by to say hi and to let you know that i miss both of you!

Take care yourselves!!!

kisses "na bundinha"


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