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16.09.2005, 11:50

NEWS 31- Fan-Mountains - Dushanbe - PHOTOS

Dear Friends,

Anja already worte about our time in northern Tajikistan in NEWS 30.

Photos to this report:

After the days in Khujand we went a little bit south, exactly 200km. That took us about 10 hours because our Russian car Volga broke down and needed to be prepaired and the road is very bad. Crossing the pass you can see a lot of crashed cars down the hill or inside the river. That is scary. Anyway, we arrived at night in Ayni, a very small town. We met Robert who does an internship at the "Welthungerhilfe" (German Agro Action), a German human organization against hunger, there in the local hotel. To understand this fact you should know that up to 1997 Tajikistan was in civil war and so also some harvests were missed. Additional Tajikistan is not a very good country for agriculture because it is very dry or very high and cold. So they really got problems with hunger and food. Today the project helps to develop the agriculture.
Robert cooked very nice for us. Thank you! The next day we started to the FAN-MOUNTAINS. That mountains are smaller than Pamir but also have summits up to
5400m. We went to the village of Artush and from there we hiked to the alplager. Already in the village we saw how they are constructing their houses. All hand made and very impressive. On the way we met some yurts
and all over we were invited. If you take every invitation you will eat the whole day. The people are very friendly and hospitably. We slept at a nice lake the first night and the next day we passed over a pass of 3700m and came to a beautiful coloured lake. On the third day we climbed even higher and in a more alpin landscape. The 4th day was the hardest, because we passed a pass of 4100m with our luggage. The weather was perfect and so we had a wonderful view of the surroundings. On the 5th day we already went back to civilization through a very nice green valley. To get to the main road from Dushanbe to Khojand we "surfed" outside of a Russian truck, that means standing outside of the driver cabin holding on to some points, it was funny.
Back in Ayni we met Robert again and had a nice evening.

We went to Duschanbe on the next day. It is only 150km but it took us 8 hours again. The roads here are very, very bad and you have to cross high passes all
the time and the cars are very old and brake down all the time.
We arrived in the capital Dushanbe in the late afternoon and went to a very nice Swiss family. Our friend Lars knows this family. They have 4 children and have been living here for 3 years now. They also work with some aid
organisation. They have a very nice house and gave us a room there. We were very welcome and feel like home here. Thank you very much. Here in the city you can see a lot of cars from aid organisations from all over the world. The city is very modern and green and also western. We like the style. It is still very hot here (around 30 degrees). We visited some sights and the markets. Besides this, we organized our GBAO Border Permit for the south of Tajikistan and today we also got our Chinese Visa.

We'll be heading south-east again to the Pamir Mountains along the road called "Pamir-Highway" during the next days. We want to pass the whole Pamir towards China. Hopefully, we can cross the border directly from Tajikistan and do not need to go back to Kyrgyzstan. We do not have exact information, but we will see. It is a very remote area.

Okay, a lot of news from us again.

Hope to hear from you soon.



16.09.2005, 12:01

@ Soeren

Dushanbe + facts about Tajikistan


17.09.2005, 09:59

@ Anja

post offices...

Susie Q

27.09.2005, 08:51

@ Anja

Thanks for the card Anja!

Hi Anja,

just wanted to thank you for the card you sent me. I finally got it yesterday. I have been looking forward to receiving it and after 3 weeks, it was finally here! I wish you and Soeren a great adventure, be well, take care of yourself and ENJOY!

Love, Susie

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