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13.10.2005, 05:39

News 37 - Dunhuang - Desert - Buddhist Caves - New PHOTOS

After a night train ride and more 2 hours by bus we arrived in Dunhuang ( a small oasis city. After driving down some hours in the desert we arrived in the middle of that nice green oasis.
In Urumchi I bought now some running shoes. After 4 months without jogging it was about time... The first day here I run to the desert (6km) and Anja went by bike. There we did some hiking and also "rode" a camel. I climbed up a very high dune (400m up) and had a very nice view. If you want take a look at more photos:

The second day we went to some very impressive caves 25km away. It is called the thousand Buddha caves. The highest Buddha was about 35m in altidude, very impressive. Now we arrived in the region of Buddhism and the next days we will visit further places to know more about this interesting culture. Yesterday afternoon we already went to a Buddhist temple. Very nice. You can also see some photos at the page.

The weather is getting really cold now. The winter is arriving...But the sun is still shining.

In two hours we will leave further south by a 20 hour bus ride.

see you later

Anja + Soeren

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