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10.11.2005, 12:14

NEWS 40: Xian, Pingyao and Beijing - new photos

Hello friends,

We have been in Beijing, the famous capital, since last sunday. We went to Great Wall meanwhile and met a lot of interesting people...

From the boat cruise I put now some pictures related to NEWS 39 (

On some pictures you can recognise the 35m "cleaned" area at the river to where the water will rise.


After our boat-cruise on the Yangtse River we went by train to Xian. During this ride we had a "nice" experience. There were also 2 older women with a child (I guess 1 year old) in our 6-bed-compartment. We already told you once, that the children here do not use Pampers. Their trousers have a slit and that is the way they "do it". At night the child took a pie in the compartment. Okay no problem. In the morning the thing he did was a little bit bigger and more solid... in the middle of the compartment. It seemed to be normal... ;-)


Another interesting thing in China is to visit one of the parks in any city in the morning (7.00). You can see a lot of mainly older people dancing together (classic or modern), doing Tai Chi or doing exercises at the equipment the government installed. The same during late afternoon. That is really nice and we like it and think it's worth copying to Europe.

We had a nice time in Xian visiting some sights. They also have an interesting Muslim Quarter. We also went to the famous Terracotta Warriors. One crazy emporer built thousands of that statues as a mausoleum for himself
around 2 thousand years ago... We also met a Chinese guy whom we contacted in the internet via the hospitality club (


After some days we went to Pingyao, an ancient city. The small city passed the cultural revolution without problems and is really nice. You feel like some hundred years ago...

And then we arrived in Beijing, the famous capital. We got a tip from somebody about a nice hostel and have been sharing a room with a guy from London, who also traveled all the way down here by train from England.
Of course we visited some sights. The inner city is typical socialist. Everything is very big. But besides this, you can still find some nice alleys and courtyards which are called Hutong. The Forbidden City we found disappointing, but the summer palace is worth a visit. We rented bicycles to go out there (12km) and it took almost 2 hours. The traffic is chaotic but you have very nice cycle ways. Already in Xian we felt that the honking of the cars is less which is actually forbidden by law. In the west of the country the honking is really annoying. No respect exists on the streets. They drive like hell. It is chaos. The police tries to do something, but just forget it. If I imagine that in some years more chaotic Chinese people want to drive cars... Like in other situations in life they do not respect each other. The first person is always me!! Crazy.
We also went to the Vietnamese embassy on Monday to apply for a visa and will receive them on Friday.
Yesterday we went to the Great Wall. We went to Jinshanling and hiked from there about 10km to Simatei. It is an amazing trip and the Wall is really great. The views are very beautiful. The only problem is that you have souvenir sellers along the way. It is really annoying. But I developed a new trick to avoid any problems. I just put on an angry German face and walk along. They do not like it... but do not follow us. Normally we foreigners say politely "Thank you", but in this moment they already think they can sell something...


Today in the morning I went to the Mausoleum of Mao, the most famous Chinese who created the cultural revolution. He is still a hero. A lot of people went there and also put flowers for him. The Mausoleum is not that impressive as in Moscow. To visit it you have to perform in 4 persons rows. The Chinese automatically keep it like a march. The new China waits at the exit with a lot of sellers of souvenirs. They are crazy about foreigners.
Afterwards, I visited the People's Hall, the congress building. The big conference hall is for 10.000 people and there is a big red star on the ceiling.
During the last 2 weeks we had a lot of contact with other foreigners. After some months without many other foreign tourist it was welcome. We talked a lot with people from all over the world. That is also a nice thing about travelling around.

Tomorrow we will go to our friends in Nantong (close to Shanghai) where our company we worked in Brazil for bought a factory.

Hope to hear from you,

Anja and Soeren


10.11.2005, 13:29

@ Soeren

NEWS 40: Xian, Pingyao and Beijing - new photos

Now I remember, that I forgot to write about Anja's massage. I mean the massage was very good, but she did an additional "cupping". A special technic and that creates very nice "love bites" (hematoma). I am innocent and did nothing, serious.:-D I would like, I could make such bites :-D .
More funny is, that sometimes in the streets here in China you can see people with those "love bites" on the forehead :-D
I do not want to know where else you can find those...

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