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26.05.2008, 02:56

NEWS 54 - Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

After passing a week in Louveira we went to Sao Paulo and spent two days there with the family of a friend. It was great to meet everybody again and Caio had a lot of people to play with. ;-)
Our two friends from Dresden also arrived and on Monday we took the bus to Rio de Janeiro (which means January river). We had booked a hostel in Copacabana right behind the tunnel from Rio Sul (start of Copa) just three blocks from the beach. That was great because Caio always wakes up at 7 now (in Germany it was 8 a.m.) and so we went to the beach in the morning to let the others still sleep a little bit. Caio loved the beach, to play in the sand and to get into the water. He first was afraid a little because of the huge waves and the streaming but after he got into the water for the first time he wanted to go again and again. But of course, just with one of us. He wouldn't go by himself since he can't stay put with the waves going back and forth.
By the way, it was not easy to find a room because not all ho(s)tels in Brazil except babies and children. That was new and surprising to us.
We did some sightseeing in Rio: went by the old cable car to Santa Teresa and visited the staircase made out of tiles from all over the world, went by ferry boat (Caio loved the boat tour since it passes by an airport and he could see sooooo many planes staring, landing and on the ground) across the bay to Niteroi to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art designed by Oscar Niemeyer, went to Ipanema beach, caught the cable car up to Cocorvado mountain to see the famous Christ the Redeemer and strolled along the walking path on the foot of Sugarloaf.
Our two men also went to the Macarana stadium to watch a soccer match between Fluminense (Rio team) and SPFC (Sao Paulo team).
The weather was really fine and warm (in the sun even too hot) which was nice after the cool start in Louveira.

On Thursday we went to Teresopolis up in the mountains north of Rio to the National Park of Serra de Orgaos.

We will add some pictures later...


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