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01.09.2005, 13:26

NEWS 28 - Bischkek Independence day- NEW PHOTOS

Dear friends,

We are still in Bischkek, but will leave tomorrow to Tadjikistan, where we want to stay the next 3 weeks.

I put some new photos :

That are photos from Anjas travels here in Kyrgistan. You can find a lot of photos of people and the horse riding.

Yesterday was Independence day (14 years ago from the Soviet Union) but there are still some traditions from former times. So we went to the parade yesterday morning. It was very difficult to get there. We needed an invitation (we got it from a guy we met) and it was full of police. At first we saw some military parade and then a lot of people. We enjoyed the "Show" . It let us remember in former GDR times. They trained already the whole week for this parade. But in the end it was not very nice and seemed very unprofessional. All was done for the president and Coca Cola was present too.
Afterwards we went to some horse games. But we did not get in to the place, because it was crowded. The Kirgis people just opened the gate with force against the police...
At night we went to a show in a stadium. Also the president came and a lot of security personal was there. During the show some tribunes got fire, but no people were there and the show went on. Also the sound failed sometimes. In all way it showed all the impressions we got the last weeks: very nice people, but also a lot of chaos.

The last days we met a lot of interesting people here. I met one guy who worked for the UN and he explained a lot of things.
It is amazing we are here about 2 weeks and feeling like home. We met a lot of people and went out every night.

o.k. we are keeping you informed. Soon you will hear more.

bye Soeren+Anja

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